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STOP!  If you are not a law enforcement officer, leave this page immediately! 

The IP address of submitting parties are recorded, and a person making a false entry could be construed as a crime of making a false report to police.

Important Notes for Law Enforcement

Once you leave this page, your submission has already begun.  

Please DO NOT GO BACK to start over, modify, or add to the submission even if it is not completed.  Finish and then any additional information and/or photo's you need to add to your submission can be done by sending an e-mail to the Rhode Island State Fusion Center. 

Only enter the number of suspects for those you have photo(s) for, even if there is more than one suspect involved in the crime.  Send full UNEDITED photos.  If additional information or photos are obtained at a later date, they can be e-mailed to the Rhode Island State Fusion Center and your submission will be updated.

Questions concerning the site or if you are having difficulty making a submission at (401) 444-1117, or by e-mail at [email protected]

CASE UPDATES: We rely on our submitting agencies to keep us updated when a suspect is identified, captured, or when a case is closed. Only the submitting agency should report a capture or update for the case.  Information from an agency, other than the submitting agency, should be forwarded via report a tip, send feedback, or e-mail to [email protected]   

NOTE:  Approximately every 6 months, a “NAG Reminder” will automatically be forwarded to the e-mail address(es) entered in the submission advising of any open case(s) and requesting that the posted case be reviewed to keep the web site current and accurate.  

Note for Non-Law Enforcement

If you are attempting to provide information on a crime, that is not currently posted on this web site,  you can contact the agency by telephone where the crime occurred, click on "Send  Feedback"  (name, phone, e-mail are not required), or e-mail information to: [email protected] and the information will be forwarded to the appropriate agency.

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