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  November 23 2017

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October 04, 2017 - Providence : Banks

The Providence (RI) Police Department and the Department of Homeland Security/Immigration Customs Enforcement/Homeland Security Investigations (DHS/ICE/HSI) are attempting to positively locate a male suspect involved in a flim-flam or sleight of hand deception scam at financial institutions across the country. This career criminal has used numerous aliases when arrested and has travelled throughout the United States committing similar crimes.

On 10/4/17, this suspect committed the same quick-change scam and made away with over one thousand dollars from a bank in Providence. He made another attempt at a second bank in Providence days later, but was unsuccessful.

The male suspect, usually well dressed, enters a bank and approaches a teller asking to exchange U.S. currency for different bill denominations. While the teller is conducting the transaction, the suspect distracts or confuses the teller and conceals some of the bills by a sleight of hand tactic where the teller is unaware of the concealment. During this time, the suspect may also engage the teller in conversation to further confuse them. The suspect eventually leaves taking with him hundreds to thousands of dollars. The bank does not realize a shortage until their drawers are balanced at close of business.

The suspect is described as an older dark-skinned male, approximately 60 years of age, with a 6’0” tall, 240 lbs. (heavy set), and a LAZY RIGHT EYE and a HEAVY ACCENT. He is well dressed and sometimes carries a brief case. The suspect frequently uses cabs and may stay at area hotels until he moves on to a new area. (FOUO) The suspect has been arrested and is currently wanted under the following names SAIDON JOYAN, CHRISTIAN PRINCE GASTON, and OUSMANE KOUNTA but has also used numerous other aliases.


On Monday, 11/10/17, GASTON reportedly entered several different bank branches in Boston, MA.   He was unsuccessful in a couple of banks but did fraudulently obtain funds from an East Boston branch.

Anyone who observes this suspect is asked to contact local police or dial 911. He is currently wanted in several states and a suspect in numerous others.

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