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Robbery, March 11, 2017
Suspect 3513
Gender: male
Build: small
Complexion: medium
Height: tall
Attleboro Robbery Suspect
Attleboro Robbery Suspect
Attleboro Robbery Suspect
Attleboro Robbery Suspect
Attleboro Robbery Suspect
Robbery - System ID 170026
Agency Case # 17032077
March 11, 2017
Attleboro : Pharmacy

Case Details:

The Attleboro Police Department is attempting to identify a male suspect who committed a robbery at the Rite Aid on Washington St (Rt 1) Attleboro, MA.

On Saturday, 03/11/2017, at approximately 4:28 PM, a white male, age unknown, entered into the Rite Aid, went to the pharmacy and demanded Methadone. He fled the store with an amount of methadone pills

The suspect is described as thin, approximately 6'0" tall, wearing khaki pants or possibly light colored sweat pants, a white long sleeve shirt, and a dark colored knit hat. The hat is the type that would be used by someone with a lot of hair tied up or a pony tail though it is not known if he has either. The suspect had brown eyes with bags under his eyes. The white shirt was used to cover his face beneath his eyes.

The suspect fled the store in a black Range Rover which was headed toward Pawtucket, RI.. The vehicle is described as a black Range Rover with unknown RI registration. There is reportedly a vertical gray stripe in the area where the drivers door meets the front left fender. It is unknown if this is part of the design of the vehicle or due to some type of body work.

If you have any information about the identity of this person or where they are, please contact:

Attleboro Police Department: 774-203-1885
Investigator: Detective Michael MacNeil
Case Submission No.: 170026

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